SUNY Empire State College Immigration Gender and Family Essay

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Gomberg-Muñoz’s book Becoming Legal focuses on U.S. immigration processing and the effect it has on families whose members have different immigration statuses (undocumented, lawful immigrant, U.S. citizen).  Two key themes run throughout her book:  how the marginalization and/or belonging experienced by undocumented migrants is shaped by persistent inequalities in the U.S.; and how the intertwined lives of people in mixed-status families challenge government policies that try to divide people into groups of those who belong and those who don’t. 

In her book, we see the complexities of immigration processing from the view of families who try to navigate the procedures and requirements so they can remain together.

Write a Critical Response Essay (5-6 double spaced pages, 1200-1500 words) addressing the following questions based on the book Becoming Legal. This is NOT a summary of the book. In your essay, you should cite examples from the book and incorporate references to other course materials, but no additional research is required.

  • How do divergent immigration statuses (undocumented, lawful immigrant, U.S. citizen) among family members affect family relationships?
  • How are mixed-status families’ experiences affected by racial, class, sexual, and gendered inequalities in the U.S.?

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