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Assignment from nickkynickky

Module 1 Article

 Summary – What is Management?

In this assignment you will read the accompanying articles and write a compare/contrast summary of them with linkages back to the relevant chapters in this module. Try to find a unifying theme in the two articles. I like Lisa Quast’s work and she has underlying themes that aren’t too hard to spot. In addition to these two links please also find one additional source, preferably a scholarly source, to use with this work. Be sure to link the three articles back to the module readings (this is a big part of the grade!). If the links give you a hard time then paste them into a browser.

Summarize the article (briefly!), make as many connections as you can to the assigned Module chapters and discuss the implications of this article for managing work. Bracket these sections with thoughtful introductory and concluding comments. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

 (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

A separate reference page (in APA format) should accompany the paper. This should also include the textbook, if you refer to it in this summary. Be sure to cite references when used in the paper. I grade this part heavily so use the web to find a brief guide to using the APA style. There is no reason to lose valuable grading points on minor stuff like writing and style violations. Once source of APA is

Some elements I grade for:

  • Number and quality of linkages made between the article and the chapters (this is the most important!)
  • Title page is optional, but a name and title is mandatory
  • APA style for citations and references only
  • Quality of article selected (blogs or superficial articles will receive little credit)
  • Introduction and conclusion
  • Appropriate use of headings
  • Single-spaced paper, double-space between paragraphs (double-check your paragraph settings)
  • One-to-two page paper (more, with quality, equals higher grade)
  • No first- (I, me, we) or second-person (you, your) perspectives
  • I can only open Word-compatible files. Sending the wrong file in the first place will make your paper late if I have to request a compatible file later. Double check submissions to avoid penalties!

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