submit the group process assessment 1 page and self and peer evaluation 1 page

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TWO separate documents

single space

Group process assessment (5%); Self and peer evaluation (3%)—Individual mark

Group process assessment: This submission should critically review your group processes, assessing both the positive and negative elements of your work as a team from formation through the presentation, including

  • how effectively your team worked through the phases of team development;
  • how you handled conflict and made decision;
  • what roles team members assumed (Table 2-1);
  • how effectively you adhered to the guidelines for effective meetings (p.46), and
  • what characteristics of successful and unsuccessful teams you exhibited (pp. 37ff.).

The assessment should be no more than 1 single-spaced page. Include appropriate APA citations and references.

Groups should maintain accurate records of their group processes, including agendas and minutes.

Self and peer evaluation: On a scale of 1-5, 1 being the lowest mark, and 5, the highest mark, assign yourself and each group member a mark. Provide an explanation of the mark with specific detail. Consider attendance, reliability, participation, performance of manager role, and work quality. Marks of 1 or 5 must be well supported with evidence. Use the university grading scale (see the syllabus) as a guide.

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