SU The Untreated Psychological Disorders and Issues Analysis

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select one of the identified movies that depict ongoing medication management and treatment with a client. Students will assess the situation for treatment approaches, outcomes, and possible pitfalls.

Movie Options (pick one): Girl Interrupted, Antwone Fisher, Good Will Hunting, Dressed To Kill, Basic Instinct

APA Format, use 5 scholarly articles

Students will complete the following tasks:

  1. Provide a thorough description (no more than 2 paragraphs) of the clinical scenario and give context to the scenario. This means that enough information should be provided that even if the reader is not fully aware of the situation, they can understand what is going on and the scenario
  2. Student will identify will provide a DSM V clinical diagnostic impression using narrative approach. This should also demonstrate the students understanding of the suspected disorder(s) and support using observable symptoms. Students will provide a thorough understanding which demonstrates support for this position and how it relates to the scenario
  3. Student will then review and discuss 2 possible psychotropic medications that can be used to address the above identified clinical diagnosis. This should also demonstrate the students understanding of medications and discuss the benefits and shortcomings (i.e., possible side effects) that client should be aware of.
  4. Student will then apply a clinical framework and approach to this situation and decide upon a course of action of how to proceed and rationale for selected course of action. Student will elaborate on how this scenario and course of action could potentially affect the client and the therapist.
  5. Student will provide 2 alternate approaches for dealing with the identified diagnostic impression.
  6. Student will develop a person centered treatment with both short and long term SMART goals for the client (minimum 2 goals each)
  7. Student will discuss their clinical diagnosis & approach in the larger urban context of social work practice and what therapist should know when applying these to clinical situations.

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