statement of intent 1

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. Briefly introduce yourself to the Graduate Admissions Office and College of Education teams by discussing your professional background and your interest in pursuing a graduate degree at Concordia. (75-100 words)

2. Describe your professional goals and their alignment with your chosen program and to Concordia’s overall mission. Illustrate how your strengths and experiences have prepared you for success in the program. (200-250 words)

3. Discuss an immediate, real-world challenge affecting P-12 educational settings. Provide an example. What action should educators take to address this challenge? (200-250 words)

i need a total of 500 words

I will attach my resume

I’m from a medical background. I have a bachelors degree in health care management. I have worked as a certified nurse assistant for 3 years. After having 3 children i was interested in becoming a teacher. here is an example of what i have written. if you can make it better i will appreciate

here is my idea in writing. please help me make it better. It is no question that every individual should contribute something significant during a lifespan. I made my mind about this fact when I realized the essence of teaching and guiding people. Sometimes there is the lack of counseling, guidance, respect, and support during one’s life; thus I would like to bring something extraordinary and give a piece of my soul and mind to others.

Unfortunately, not every person comes from high-income families and lavish apartments in the city center. Many young people suffer from poverty and the absence of appropriate learning. Also, these children need understanding, reliance, and care. Being a mother of three children, I realize how much it is essential to teach them various things. I discover my patience, understanding, eagerness, and ambition to help different children in educational activities.Moreover, I believe that there is nothing better than having someone who will open one’s potential, skills, readiness for various life experiences. It is necessary to know the core value of humanity, ethics, and knowledge. Additionally, everybody should have a good command of skills, talents, and principles to follow and discover throughout a lifespan.Admittedly, Concordia is also a great choice for people who want to enhance their education skills. They can develop own skills and traits, and be an excellent example for students. I do consider it a fantastic opportunity to open up something new in oneself along with leading youth to the right path and uniqueness.

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