State University of New York Social Working with Clients and Families Paper

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Define, describe and
explain GERMAIN and GITTERMAN’S ecological perspectiove (NOT
Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory). Define and discuss how
you can use at least four concepts (Goodness of Fit, Stress,
Self-Direction, Mutual Shaping) of GERMAIN and GITTERMAN’S Ecological
perspective to implement interventions (one intervention for each
concept) to the client during the intervention stage of the Planned
Change Model (Engaging, Assessment, Planning Intervention,
Evaluation, Termination). Give your own examples to illustate your
point (At least one example per concept) on how you would apply the
concepts on your clients. In your examples, discuss how these
concepts are able to support the client. (See the concepts on Page 5
of 16 in the PDF File).

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