St Johns River State College Quantitative Research Paper

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You could determine the specific research topic, but it must be related to “the impact of Coronavirus”.

Please carefully read the requirements, strictly follow the instructions to complete.

Please design a piece of questionnaire, be professional, be academic. Must use SPSS to analyze the data.

You are required to conduct a mini quantitative research to investigate a random topic by creating a questionnaire on your own. The questionnaire should include at least 6 closed-ended questions (Likert scale must be used in at least 4 questions) and 2 openended questions. The questionnaire should be distributed to at least 10 people in your target population (e.g. your family members, classmates). After data collection, please analyze your data to decide if your hypothesis is correct.

Written assignment Try to write a research report in at least 800 words to include:

1. A brief background of the research topic, hypothesis, and sampling method. (e.g. Why is this topic worth to conduct? What is your null hypothesis and research hypothesis? Who are your targeted population? What sampling method did you use?)

2. Your rationales in making the questionnaire (e.g. Can the questionnaire consistently and accurately measure what you want to measure? How do you decide the range of the Likert scale?) [Please attach the questionnaire]

3. A summary of your result and conclusion (e.g. What analysis method did you use? What does the result tell us? Will you reject or retain the hypothesis? Based on the data, what conclusion can you draw? Any limitation in your study?)

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