SPSS – Independent-Samples t-Test

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SPSS – Independent-Samples t-Test

The independent-samples t-test is one of several inferential statistical tests in the t-test family. The purpose of the independent-samples t-test
is to examine whether there is a statistically significant group mean
(average) difference on a scale (numerical) business outcome variable.
For example, a researcher might be interested in knowing whether night
shift workers produce more widgets, on average, than day shift workers.
The independent-samples t-test is used when the researcher has
one nominal (categorical) independent variable, with two levels, day
shift and night shift, and one scale (numerical) dependent variable
(e.g., monthly number of widgets produced).

To prepare for this Assignment, review the Paul and Garg (2014) article, focusing on the independent-samples t-test.
Also, review the Week 3 Assignment Exemplar and Week 3 Assignment
Template documents, as well as the tutorial videos, provided in this
week’s Resources. Be sure to review the footnotes in the Week 3
Assignment Exemplar, as the footnotes provide additional explanatory
information. Consider how independent-samples t-tests can impact the progress or results of a doctoral research study.

Submit a synthesis of statistical findings derived from independent-samples t-tests that follows the Week 3 Assignment Template. Your synthesis must include the following:

  • A description and justification for using the independent-samples t-test
  • A properly formatted research question
  • A properly formatted H0(null) and H1 (alternate) hypothesis
  • An APA-formatted Results section for the independent-samples t-test, to include the following:
    • Identification of the statistical test
    • Identification of independent and dependent variables, including
      identification of the number of levels for the independent variable
    • Identification of data assumptions and assessment outcome
    • Inferential results in correct APA statistical notation format
    • A properly formatted box plot
    • APA-formatted references
  • An Appendix including the SPSS output (Group Statistics and Independent Samples Test parameters; see Week 3 Assignment Exemplar)

Note: You will cut and paste the appropriate SPSS
output into the Appendix. The SPSS output is not in APA format, so you
will need to type the information from the SPSS output to the
appropriate sections of the APA table. You must use the Week 3 Assignment Template to complete this Assignment.

Dataset file is listed below in the uploaded files to be used for the assignment. Here is the link if you cannot open.

  • Paul, H., & Garg, P. (2014). Organizational commitment of frontline sales professionals in India: Role of resilience. International Journal of Business Insights and Information, 7(2), 12–18. Retrieved from http://www.ijbit.org/home Note: This article contains several statistical analyses, to include the independent-samples t-test.

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