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A synthesis of statistical findings derived from correlation analysis. The synthesis must include the following:

  • A description and justification for using the Pearson Product-Moment correlation test
  • A properly formatted research question
  • A properly formatted H0(null) and H1 (alternate) hypothesis
  • An APA-formatted “Results” section for the Pearson Product-Moment test
    • Identification of the statistical test
    • Identification of variables (there is no distinction between independent and dependent variables for the Pearson Product-Moment correlation test)
    • Identification of data assumptions and assessment outcome
    • Inferential results in correct APA statistical notation format
    • A properly formatted scatter plot
  • An explanation of the differences and similarities of correlation analysis and bivariate regression analysis
  • Properly APA-formatted references
  • An Appendix containing SPSS output located in Exemplar (attached)

will need to cut and paste the SPSS output into the Appendix in APA format. .


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