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Excluding an overhand baseball pitch and the movement you described in the Week 6 discussion board, select a sport or exercise-related movement that involves motion of both the glenohumeral and elbow joints. Provide a succinct biomechanical description of the action (i.e. acceleration phase or concentric portion) phase of the movement including the following components:

  • Anatomical description of the movement (see Hall, chapter 7 for reference)
    • Description of the movements of the scapula, glenohumeral joint, and elbow joints that occur  
    • Identification of the agonist muscles that are causing the movement at each (scapula, glenohumeral, and elbow) joint
    • The plane of motion through which the glenohumeral joint is moving
  • Biomechanical description of the movement (see concepts from Weeks 2-5)
    • Identify the frame of reference from which you will describe the kinematics
    • Describe the angular kinematics of the motion including the relative changes in position, velocity, and acceleration that occur
  • Injury associated with the movement
    • Identify one (1) specific type of injury that may occur in the upper extremity from the activity 
    • Describe the mechanism of injury and structures involved
    • Identify one (1) potential prevention strategy OR one (1) potential rehabilitation method for that injury

This paper should be double spaced, about 2 pages in length, and in APA format.

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