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Turnitin.com report needed fo rthis Assignment.

See your course packet for specifics regarding this assignment. You are highly encouraged to use the essay template for this assignment found in the Resources area of the classroom and attached here for the sake of simplicity.

You must upload a word document for this writing assignment. You cannot copy and paste your assignment here – must be submitted as an attachment.

Your paper must be double spaced for APA.

Week #3 Writing Assignment Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

1- Discuss the relationship between distribution of muscle fiber type and performance

2- Describe the mechanisms by which muscle glycogen is broken down to glucose for use in glycolysis.

3- Describe how a nerve impulse is transmitted along its axon.

4- Explained two advantages of fat over carbohydrate for fuel storage in the body

5- Describe the primary structure of the heart and the primary functions of blood

Used correct spelling, grammar, professional vocabulary and APA format.


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