SOCW 6135 Walden Professional Competence and Due Care Discussions

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DQ 1:

Discussion 1: Ethics

Helping professionals take ethical principles and standards very seriously. Following a basic ethical code of conduct is important to criminal behavior research as well as how you conduct yourself in your professional practice.

For this Discussion, review the ethical code that guides your profession. Consider how the principles and codes apply to conducting research in criminal behavior. Then, review the “Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research” on the Office of Research Integrity website and reflect on how these standards apply to the conduct of research in criminal behavior. Select at least one ethical principle and one research standard and reflect on how they might be applied to conducting research in criminal behavior.

By Day 3

Post a brief description of one ethical principle and one research standard that you think applies to conducting research in criminal behavior. Then, explain how each applies, using specific examples.

Note: Put the ethical code and principle and research standard you described in the first line of your post. You will be asked to respond to a colleague who described either a different ethical principle or a different research standard than you did.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.DQ 2:

Discussion 2: Challenges

Two challenges related to studying and conducting research in criminal behavior are expressed in theoreticism and territorialism. Theoreticism is the tendency of theorists to ignore evidence that may contradict a favored theory. Similarly, territorialism is the practice of discounting evidence and arguments that are outside one’s own narrow specialty area or academic discipline.

As you might gather, restricting study to a singular academic discipline may impede progress toward the understanding of any subject, criminal behavior included. Embracing the interdisciplinary nature of criminal behavior in fact makes for dynamic and interesting research.

Another set of challenges emerges in criminal behavior research when it is viewed only through a purely academic or scientific lens. Criminal behavior itself involves social values, public policy, and legal issues that must be taken into account when conducting research.

Given that such research into criminal behavior is carried out to illuminate its causes, meeting these challenges makes it more likely that criminal behavior will be better understood. This leads to the development of more effective steps toward prevention, reduction, and elimination of crime.

For this Discussion:

  • Review the article, “Searching for the Soul of Criminology,” focusing on challenges related to studying and researching criminal behavior.
  • Review the course media, “Ethics and Challenges,” with Drs. Scott Duncan and Charis Kubrin. Reflect on the challenges that they discuss related to researching and studying criminal behavior, and consider how these may be addressed.
  • Select at least two specific challenges related to studying and researching criminal behavior.
  • Think of examples that may best represent the challenges you selected, and consider why.


The Department of Health and Human Services and The Office of Research Integrity (ORI). (2007). Introduction to the responsible conduct of research. Retrieved from
Note: Pay particular attention to Chapters 2 and 3.

Laub, J. (2006). Edwin H. Sutherland and the Michael-Adler report: Searching for the soul of criminology. Criminology, 44(2), 235–257. Retrieved from
Edwin H. Sutherland and the Michael-Adler Report: Searching for the Soul of Criminology by Laub, J., in Criminology, Vol. 44/Issue 2. Copyright 2006 by American Society of Criminology. Reprinted by permission of American Society of Criminology via the Copyright Clearance Center.

Required Media

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