Social Science Red White and Black by Gary Nash Paper

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Comparative essay (5-6 pages) discussing at least two aspects of diversity, race, power, and resistance in the colonial period with direct reference to the primary readings from the course.

Primary Sources:

Secondary Source:

Red, White, and Black by Gary Nash (YOU WILL NEED TO FIND THIS ONLINE)

Quotes no more than 2-3 lines in general

Answer ONE question:

How did gender OR race define the identity of the various early Americans we studied, and how did gender relations differ between Native American, European, and Black people in North America?

Contact between Native American groups and Europeans was a central feature of early America. How did various groups of Europeans (Spanish, French, English—Puritans and Virginians, Dutch) view Indigenous nations? What do we know about how Native people viewed different groups of Europeans? What important simliarities or differences can you see?

How did Black people experience and resist slavery? Use enslavers and enslaved accounts to describe two-three key elements of the Black experience?

Was early America a multicultural community? In what ways? Was the presence of multiple groups embraced or resisted? How did the presence of multiple groups of people affect the development of early America?

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