Social Science Cults and Religious Movements Discussion

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Religion and Popular Culture – Fundamentals”, please respond to one of the following prompts:

Option 1: Why do you think both textbooks (Klassen and Clark & Clanton) specifically utilize a cultural studies approach to this area of study? Do you think this school of thought is effective for the kinds of questions and issues raised by the authors? Why or why not?

Option 2: In Chapter 12, “Religion”, in Key Words in Religion, Media, and Culture, Sarah M. Pike offers a counter-narrative to stereotypes of new religious movements popularly labelled “cults”. Why does the author make this distinction in a way that problematizes the use of the term “cult” (which is often referred to as a “four-letter word” in the study of religion, similar to vulgar curse words like “f*ck” and “sh*t”)? Do “cult-like” expressions of belief differ substantively from other forms of religiosity? Why or why not?

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