social and cultural diversity paper 3

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The second part of the paper requires you to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of racism/discrimination. Use the following questions to help guide your reflections:

1)What does it mean to be a subtle racist? Please include a referenced definition and example.

2)Why could there be significant differences in perceptions and values of members within the same ethnic group? Be specific.

Part 3

The third part of your paper requires you to review and reflect on the ACA and NAADAC codes of ethics. Use the following to help guide your reflection:

1)Discuss how the ACA and NAADAC codes of ethics will inform your practice.

a)Identify and cite the specific ACA and NAADA multicultural codes that you will use to inform your practice.

2)What did you learn about the importance of cultural sensitivity in treatment planning?

3)How do communication styles and help-seeking behaviors differ across cultures?

4)How might strategies to build rapport be differentiated based on culture?

5)Examine underlying reasons for differential treatment methods.

a)Consult several professional journals on treatment practices and cultural biases.

b)Identify sources of potential counselor cultural bias within these practices.

6)What resources could help you to become more informed regarding cultural diversity? Cite resources you can use to dispel your personal biases.

7)How could you apply your learning to your future practice as a counselor?

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