SOC 2231 Idaho State University Juvenile Delinquency Paper

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Hello! I have a paper due in 11 days on Juvenile Delinquency. I posted the directions that my professor gave me below. Thank you!

Final Paper

Due 5/1/20

In a paper between 5 and 6 pages in length take an incident from your own life in which you committed an act of delinquency. I promise that these papers will not be shared. How does theory help to explain your actions? (Use at least 2 theories.) How may your actions be in some way socially determined? What role did agency (choice) play in your actions?

What influences have operated to assist you desisting from delinquency? How does theory help to explain why you desisted from delinquency? (Use at least 2 theories.) This paper should be a critical reflection on the social forces driving delinquency and an application of theory to your own life.

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