small group project reaction paper

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You are assigned to write a typed reaction (double-spaced, edited) to your group project experience.Keep in mind that this reflection paper requires that you think back on your entire social media group project experience in this class (not just the presentation) and offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of communication and small group concepts from class through applying them to your specific group experience.You should address ALL of the following areas in your reaction and include a well-developed paragraph (or more) for each question topic below.Your paper should be between 2 ½ -3 ½ pages (typed, double-spaced).

  • Assess group roles and group leadership.Did your group assign any specific roles?Did certain roles emerge throughout your group process?Did you decide to have a group leader or did more than one person lead the group? Provide specific information and examples to support your position.
  • What were your perceptions of the division of work among the group members?How did group members negotiate different individual goals and how did that affect workload?How did your group handle decision-making? Did you see any types of power or any compliance-gaining strategies functioning in your group? Explain.
  • Did your group experience conflict in any way?How was it handled?How did conflict(s) affect the group (morale, task completion, attitude, decision-making, etc.)?What have you learned about conflict in small groups as a result of this project?If your group did not experience any conflict, discuss why you think that was the case… what did your group do, how did the members act, etc. that prevented conflict from developing or escalating?
  • What was your favorite part of this group project?What have you learned about communication in small groups that you plan to use in future group experiences?What would you change in order to maximize your group experience?
  • Having listened to all the group’s presentations, what stood out to you the most? Additionally, what was the most important or intriguing thing you learned about online/social media communication? Explain.

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