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Informal comments on students’ initial posts: (short, 50-100 words each)

Agree, disagree, none of the above or something new to state

ISM Student one: M Brown

As a senior business student, I have come across this marshmallow exercise in various classes. However, my initial reaction to this exercise was similar to most people. I was shocked to see that business students scored so poorly compared to kindergarteners. After learning more about it I was able to understand why that is. Business students are usually taught to find the right plan and stick to it whereas kindergarteners minds are set up to just jump into things without thinking. In my opinion, business students sometimes over think things and make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Student two: Beth M

I wasn’t really surprised that business students didn’t perform well in this exercise. I agree with what Tom Wujec said “business students are trained to find a single right plan.” It’s not a standard in business school to be trained in creativity similar to what was executed by the kindergartners. When we were younger, we didn’t focus on being the team leader and planning things to be done, we just did it. As Tom Wujec mentioned in the video, kindergartners built prototypes to see which designs failed and succeeded and it took less time than what business students did. Business students focused on building the whole structure THEN testing the marshmallow which usually ended in failure thus leading to running out of time, as Tom called it, a crisis.

GSM Student three: Alexis

I would not be comfortable with advanced robotics and/or machines working in a food restaurant because working in that kind of profession you will need cognitive and possible have social skills according to “Where machines could replace humans and where they can’t (yet)” article automations activities are low technical potential in that these areas. It would be hard for automation to provide commonsense checks for solutions and interpret results when a food order is messed up or even suggest certain items. I would also not feel comfortable with them working in a restaurant because of sanitary reasons and cleanliness. The automations could carry a lot of bacteria‘s when dealing with food s by now knowing how to wash their hands, themselves, or the areas where the food it being handle. I definitely believe automation should not work on in food restaurants.

Student four: Anjelica

One advanced robotics/ machine learning areas that I am not comfortable is the information process that robotics are given. In any creation of automations leads to more accuracy. ” The computer will always win”, comes to mind with this technological features. Even though, man creates this process, it could only be a dream that those advancements could learn how to correct itself. This can potentially lead to no human help.

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