server backup plan

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This is an IT course. System Administration and Maintenance class.

You need to come up with a backup plan for my severe. No cloud backup since the lab room we work on have no access to the internet. you need to use Linux command line for the steps too. so you going to come up with a written plan and then step by step showing how to do it in actual severe using Linux command line. also, you have to come up with a backup schedule for the server. from Dec 5, 2017, to Dec 31, 2017, I chose these days according to the assignment due date to the end of the semester.

paper should be 5 pages to 7 pages lenghth

In TLCL book you will find all commands you need.

Linux Administration Beginners Guide book you will find chapter 30 Backup on page 615 to 628. to help you on the work

please contact me if you need anything.

please follow the attached assignment instructions file and my instruction too.

** if you do NOT know how to solve the assigmnt please return the order ASAP””

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