! SEE ATTACHED FILES ! You are the Hiring Manager for ABCD Consultancy. You have a vacant position to fill. Please read the job description posted below. Then review each of the three resumes of th

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You are the Hiring Manager for ABCD Consultancy.  You have a vacant position to fill.

Please read the job description posted below.  Then review each of the three resumes of the final candidates for the position. Then write a persuasive paper convincing your CEO which candidate would be the best fit for the position and for your organization.  Please use at least three references from the course material outside of the textbook to support your position.  Please also integrate at least three organizational/personal examples that support your position. Job Description for Persuasive Paper

Position: Data Analytics Intern for its Dupont Circle office.

About us:ABCD Consultancy focuses on the creation of long-term value in the consultancy market.


You will provide critical support for our Business Development Team by:

  • Applying your data analytics skills to assist in generating insights from our contacts database to inform our business development process
  • Developing research profiles of companies and organizations involved in the strategic management consultancy sector
  • Conducting outreach to past clients to gather information to refine our value proposition
  • Supporting the revamping of a long-term strategy for business development for each product line

You will receive:

  • Experience interacting directly with senior staff
  • Insight into the infrastructure sector
  • Opportunities to meet industry experts and thought leaders by assisting with our Infrastructure Leadership Forums


  • Undergraduate student, with a background in Computer Science, Data Analytics, Business, Marketing, Economics, or Political Science
  • High-level research and organizational skills
  • Experience with Excel, and other data analysis tools
  • Ability to work independently and in a group setting
  • Exceptional oral and written communications skills
  • Detail-oriented, self-motivated, and able to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment

Compensation: Interns will receive a stipend to cover related costs:

Part-time (20hrs/week) $500/month

! SEE ATTACHED FILES ! You are the Hiring Manager for ABCD Consultancy. You have a vacant position to fill. Please read the job description posted below. Then review each of the three resumes of th
EDUCATION Jack Doe Fairfax, VA 2 000 2 * ( 222 ) 222 -2222 *[email protected] edu B. S. Management, Human Resource , ZZZ University Expected 12/2017 ZZZ University , VA GPA: 3.01 Related courses: Introductory Econometrics, Business Spreadsheet, Statistics Computational Packages, Intermediate Microeconomics and Macroeconomics WORK EXPERIENCE Director ’s Assistant, Research and Development Center at Vietnam Interstate Corporation (VI C) VA, USA 1/2016 to Present Report on how VI C can attract develop ment financial institutions such as the World Bank and other long - term lenders to finance its upcoming highway projects Build VI C’s network of American contractors, advisors and potential partnerships such as Zintra – the second largest concessionaire in the world Research new highway construction and operation & maintenance technology in the US  Intern Analyst , Research and Development Center at XYZ Corporation VA, USA 5/2015 -12 /2015 Wrote recommendation on Tony Blair Associates consulting proposal, which was agreed and  implemented by the Board of Directors Analyzed 2014 and mid -2015 traffic data of the Ho Chi Minh – Long Thanh Interstate to identify different traffic patterns Proposed a branding agency to rebuild its branding strategy.  Research Intern, Center for Transportation Public -Private Partnership Policy, School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs at ABC University, VA 2/2015 to Present Collected data on Private Activity Bonds and Revenue Bonds in US Public -Private Partnerships transportation market and project profiles in the US  Built a database using data collected for the Center’s PhD students writing their research papers  Intern Analyst, TTT COR E – a nonprofit for computer training Fairfax, VA 2/2014 -2/2015 Analyzed 10 5 student profiles using Excel and identified three feasible target industries for CORE graduates  Presented recommendations on CORE curriculum and its business strategy from 2015 to 2020 to the Board of Directors  AWARDS Undergraduate Research Scholar at ZZZ U niversity 1/2016 to Present Joseph Schumpeter Fellow at ZZZ U niversity 9/2015 to Present Honorable Mention in F . Stuart essay contest at ZZZ University 2/2015 SKILLS Languages: Korean (native), English (fluent), Chin ese (speak/read/write with basic competence) Technical skills: SAS, STATA, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) , Java, Microsoft Access
! SEE ATTACHED FILES ! You are the Hiring Manager for ABCD Consultancy. You have a vacant position to fill. Please read the job description posted below. Then review each of the three resumes of th
Jane Doe Fairfax, VA [email protected] Education: STU University , 3. 58 12/2017  Major: Management and Systems Engineering , BS  Minor : Physics, BS  Relevant Studies : Systems Dynamics , Systems Analysis, Communications , Physics, Microeconomics, Virtue Ethics, Database Design and Application Leadership Development: Meditation Center, Founder  Founded the Meditation C enter on campus. Responsible for developing processes and events that produce maximum value to all students despite inconsistent cam pus resources. Student Admissions Representative, Tour Guide  Personified the campus to prospective students in the most glamourous way possible in order to entice touring students to take part in the STU University experience. Campaign USA , Eco Representative  Shared input and participates in the decision -making process on future university development issues, including sustainability. Disseminate the message to “go green” across campus ’ in to reach fully sustainable living. Technical Skills: Languages: Java , C+ Software: Microsoft Office (Excel), Eclipse, Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator) Professional Experience: Zarla Center , Program Director 7/14 -8/15  Designed and implemented an Excel spreadsheet to output the client’s balance after tracking and accounting for daily spending.  Unified existing monthly tuition spreadsheet with the new weekly balance spreadsheet in order to estimate the client’s total monthly bill before it was due.  Maximized energy savings by ins talling smart thermostats and light switches. Dairy Queen , Team Leader 11/14 -3/16  Overhauled layout of the storage shelves to allow employees of any height access to commonly used ingredients.  Algorithmically f orecasted the amount of time a box of soda syrup would last based on day to day consumption. Intercultural Experience: Southeast Asia, Cultural Exploration 6/15 -8/15  Immersed myself within Cambodia n, Philippine , Korean , Thai and Balinese families.  Examined the similarities and distinctions between each culture.  Learned that world ly affairs and the human condition can look entirely di fferent from different perspective s despite similar historical backgrounds .
! SEE ATTACHED FILES ! You are the Hiring Manager for ABCD Consultancy. You have a vacant position to fill. Please read the job description posted below. Then review each of the three resumes of th
EDUCATION Tom Doe Abc Drive, Potomac VA | +1-000-000 -0000 | abc @uni .edu XYZ University, School of Business Washington, DC Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Dec 2017 Specializations: Management , Information Systems and Technology Cumulative GPA: 3. 16 Related Coursework: Edge of Information Technology, Database and Big Data, Financial Markets and Institutions Prospective Coursework: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Financial Modeling, and Cyber Security Risk Management EXPERIENCE RBB Public International Law & Policy Group Washington, DC Spring Finance Intern January 2016 – Present • Involved in grant projects and writing proposals • Preparing for the Spring audit by organizing receipts from 11 different countries • Using Quickbooks in order to prepare and check the firm’s budget and expenditures • Participating in workshops on financial information and conference calls on international finance projects and policies AYZ Wealth Management Washington, DC Summer Intern at President’s Council July -August 2015 • Received extensive training in eMoney Advisor, a web based software for financial advisors • Used Thomson One software to create 3 hypothetical client portfolios • Researched and wrote 2 reports on China’s economy and currency crises • Performed administrative tasks such as answering phone calls, organizing and preparing client portfolios and files • Learned how to work in a group setting, and time management skills through balancing 3 projects at one time, both individual and in a group RELEVANT CLASSWORK Database & Big Data January 2016 – Present • Understanding relational mapping, integrity constraints and types of data models • Learning SQL and Hadoop Business Analytics September 2015 -December 2015 • Learned data mining for Rapid Miner: K-Means, Decision Trees and Clustering • Currently using SAS Enterprise Guide for Linear Regression analysis ACTIVITIES AND MEMBERSHIPS SA Analytics Club Washington, DC New Member September 2015 -Present • Member of INFORMS, the largest society for operations research, management science and analytics • Learned data mining for Rapid Miner: K-Means, Decision Trees and Clustering • Learning Python programming via codeacademy.com RR Fashion Society Washington, DC E-Board Member January 2015 -Present • Started the club in the School of Business in S pring 2015 with 3 other students • Initiated funding for the club by developing a budget and communicating with Student Government • Recruited 4 designers for charity fashion show in April 2015 and raised upwards of $200 for the Yellow Ribbon Fund • Invite guest speakers for the club’s ongoing speaker series VOLUNTEER WORK ZZZ Model School Fairfax , VA Volunteer January 2009 -Present • Raised $5 ,000 for special project in 2012 through fundraising efforts and allocated funding for ongoing projects, including installment of computer lab, library and sports equipment in 400 student school • Mentor to 35 -40 high school students and specifically answer questions about career prospects COMPUTER AND LANGUAGE SKILLS Computer: Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite – Excel Certified, Thomson One (basic), Bloomberg (basic) Language : Flu ent in English, Urdu, Hindi, French


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