Section 1 One of the main jobs of historians is to interpret the past by reviewing primary documents and scholarly secondary sources and then create an analysis of this research. Please read the rele

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Section 1

One of the main jobs of historians is to interpret the past by reviewing primary documents and scholarly secondary sources and then create an analysis of this research.  Please read the relevant chapters in your textbook, and click on the links below to access sources on the Modern Era that will help you with your journal assignment.

For this historical journal, consider ONE of the following:









Once you have picked your subject, I want you to describe the event in a tweet.  Yes, that is correct—you have only 288 characters to describe the event.  There are entire volumes written on subjects like the Vietnam War, so whittling it down to a tweet will be a challenge, and you must decide what the most important parts of it are, to accurately and adequately describe it. Your tweet must be concise, factual, and give me enough information so that if I knew nothing about the event, your tweet would tell me what I need to know, including the following:

  1. Time period
  2. The two or three most important points or facts about the event
  3. And/or the most important people involved in the event

For instance, if I tweet about the Vietnam War, I might say:

Battle against Communism in Vietnam. US involvement since 1950s; no conclusion until the 1970s. Draft in an undeclared war; people protest US action. Chaos and Division! Fall of Saigon—Sad!

I include the time period, how long US involvement was, the fact the Vietnam was undeclared and included a draft and the fact that US involvement in the war divided the country.  Once you have completed the tweet, explain to me why you included the information you did and what you left out and why.  For example, I would explain why I believed the battle against Communism and the social protests against the war were the most important points and why I left out things like military strategies in Vietnam.

This assignment should be at least 300 words (not including the tweet) and contain your reactions or questions about some specific issue within the historical narrative that you find compelling. Create your own interpretation, explain the emotional content of the piece, and/or discuss some original insight.  Include citations as necessary.

Section 2

After reading chapter 26 in your textbook [Tindall and Shi, America: A Narrative History. 11th edition]. And reviewing the sources listed:  World War II,” please click on the title below to access the short film, “The Fallen of World War II (”

After watching “The Fallen of World War II,” write a discussion board post where you consider the consequences of World War II.  What do you believe are the three most important consequences of that war?  Be specific, and be sure to give examples of your points.

Section 3

Richard Nixon is one of the most controversial politicians of the 20th century. Elected in 1968, he promised an honorable end to the Vietnam War and presided over the turbulent years of the late 1960s into the early 1970s.  The continued conflict in Vietnam, a stagflationary economy, and ultimately the ensuing Watergate scandal all affected peoples’ perceptions of Nixon’s presidency.

Read chapter 30 in your textbook, [Tindall and Shi, America: A Narrative History. 11th edition] and review the sources below:

After reviewing the sources, consider the following questions:  How should we remember Richard Nixon?  How would you evaluate his presidency?  Was he a success or a failure?  Explain your answer using specific, citing examples from the sources.

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