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Feedback need to be on the subject not on how the person wrote is Discussion

Would you be willing to change your eating and cooking habits out of concern for distant ecosystems and the human welfare and equity of workers in distant agricultural enterprises? What changes would you make? Would you consider it a sacrifice?


I think I would change my eating and cooking habits out of concern for distant ecosystems for a little bit to support the cause but long lasting I moe then likely would go right back to the way I have been eating. When I think of the major changes that would have to take place in my life to have that happen, it definitely is a sacrifice. I think no mater if you change your eating style or not, the question that comes to mind is, Is it really affecting a change in the ecosystem? Am I really making a difference in human welfare? or did I change my eating habits for a small amount of time but in reality it still hasnt changed.



Yes, I would change my cooking and eating habits to help our surrounding communities. We could start growing our own food and eat more fresh foods. When we grow our own we know what’s going into our families mouths and what’s not. My family would eat less meat just to help with our animals not becoming extinct because of our families eating them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It would be something different for my family but I think that we could do it.

I would of never thought of changing my family eating habits and the way we cook our foods but if it would help other why not.


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