SCI 134W Veteran Testimony Discussion

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Drawing on what you learned this week about veterans’ activism from Mendible (2021) and Schrader (2019) and what you learned about testimony from Crowley & Hawhee (2012) as well as through your research to complete the skills practice assignment (directly engaging with a specific testimony and the witness who composed it), why do you think certain veterans have been chosen or have chosen to tell their personal stories to the world? What do they expect people will learn from such stories? What is the purpose of testifying for veterans? Is testifying a form of activism; why or why not? You are not expected to answer all of the above questions, but at least one should be addressed in your response. Your response should use evidence/support from the testimony you examined and/or from one or more of the assigned readings.

Refer to specific readings by using APA’s author, year format or by the titles of works.

Refer to TS/IS for assistance (consider using a template to help frame your response).

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