School Age Parental Guidance Discussion

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Respond to the following:

How do children learn moral behavior?

In reading this article by Angela Oswalt, she talks about how early childhood moral development works. She starts with ages between 2 and 5 and how children start to show morally based behavior and beliefs. Sally may see Cindy take a doll from Kim, Sally sees that Kim is sad and tells Cindy, you’re going to get in trouble. There also might be empathy-based guilt. Cindy might see Kim crying and sad because she took the doll and hurt her feeling and go to Kim and try to help. Between the ages 5 and 10 children follow the rules from their authority figure, where they are almost afraid of being in trouble. When they do something, they know is wrong they will look around to see if anyone is watching. As children get older, they develop more abstract thinking and are more less focused. Children can form rules and applying them in the right way. Parents need to always remember that children will break rules and try to get away with a lot, that’s why we as parents set rules. Teaching your child wrong from right at how will stay with them even at school. A mom in this article was struggling with her son taking food at school, she had the biggest fear her son was going to grow up and be a thief. After a few days and the help of a teacher watching what was going on they found out he wasn’t keeping the food he was sharing with the other children to make sure they all had the same. Yes, what he was doing was wrong taking something that wasn’t his, but why he was doing it made sense. After explaining to the young boy, we can’t take food from others and telling him they understand why he was doing it, but he couldn’t do it anymore and the school will help other children if they needed more food. I thought that was a very sweet part of the article.…

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