Rutgers University Anthropocene Discussion

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Please read these 2 articles and answer these questions in a paragraph format

1.What is the “Anthropocene?”

2.Why do the authors believe we have entered this new epoch?

3.What factors led to Stage 2 of the Anthropocene? Are any of these factors we have discussed in the course previously?

4.What consequences have these factors had and continue to have on the Earth System?

5.Discuss the benefits and consequences of the options we have in Stage 3 of the Anthropocene.

6.Do you think we will be successful Stewards of the Earth System in Stage 3? Why or why not?

7.Billions of people are able to survive because of the creation of synthetic nitrogen that allows the world to grow enough food to eat. What were the costs of this amazing scientific breakthrough?

8.How do these costs tie into our ability to mitigate the effects of the anthropocence?

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