revision plan 9

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I want you to do a revision for this review.

Criteria Name Criteria Comment

I really like your evidence, the percentages you mention really help put in perspective what you’re tring to say, and it also fits perfectly to support you’re main argument.


It’s good, but be sure to use all the space between the margins to put your information, so that you give your paper a more formal appearance do this by using the justify text option on word.


Over all, your work is pretty good, never the less, be sure to emphasize your position on the problem, and main idea on the introduction, as well as properly distributing information between margins.


I really like your introduction, but I think you should emphasize a little bit more on what you’ll be discussing further into your paper, this introduction was mainly an explanation of what sustainable energy is.


Perfect, the way you organized your ideas is simply perfect, it gives a smooth transition from the introduction, to your main pints, and finally into your conclusion.


I really like you’re style of writing, it gives a clear view of the problem, and all the facts, in an organized way, you certainly fulfilled the requirements for this assignment.

1- Summary ( Summarize the higher-order feedback you received from your peers/instructors(s). Note patterns/contradictions.)

2- Analysis (What peer/instructor feedback will inform your revision? Be specific and provide rationale.)

3- Revision Plan (Based on your self-review and peer/instructor reviews, detail the steps you will take to improve the quality of your writing project.)

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