Responses to Crawford s The World Beyond Your Head writing homework help

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The questions below are using some of quotes from Crawford’s “The World Beyond Your Head.”


1.What kinds of things draw your attention, in a given day?  (Focus on those that are created by people you don’t know or can’t see—that is, on things that are impersonal, not necessarily designed specifically for you). 

2.Advertisements in unexpected places – your examples/responses?

3.“Commercial forces [trend-setting marketing forces, etc] step into the void of cultural authority and assume a growing role in shaping our evaluative outlook on the world” – your response to this idea?  (“void of cultural authority” refers to the relative decline in the influence of traditional cultural sources of authority—parents, religion, government—since the 1960s)

4.“The ever more complete penetration of public spaces by attention-getting technologies exploits [us] in a way that preempts [interrupts, defers] sociability, directing us away from one another and toward a manufactured reality, the content of which is determined from afar by private parties that have a material [economic] interest in doing so” (10).  Your response?  Do you feel that your mind is being treated as a resource to enrichen others?

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