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 1.Describe a primary cause of aspiration. What other disorders pose a significant risk associated with aspiration?(1 Point)

2.Differentiate between atelectasis and hypoxia. How are these similar and what are key differences?
(1 Point)

3.Epiglottitis is serious condition with a significant risk of mortality. Elaborate on why this is the case.(1 Point)

4.Which of the following is NOT an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)?(1 Point)RhinitisLaryngitisPneumoniaTracheitisSinusitis

5.Overdistention of alveoli resulting in the ability to remove CO2 is called?(1 Point)




Pulmonary Embolism

6.The Space between the lung and membrane is called?(1 Point)




Pleural Cavity

7.Pleural effusion caused by increased hydrostatic pressure is called what?(1 Point)Exudative PheumonicTransudative Oxidative

8.Name at least two pulmonary vasculature related disorders and the main distinguishing characteristics of each disorder you chose.(1 Point)

9.Describe the general pathophysiology of the Acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS).(1 Point)10.Describe how the lungs and particularly alveoli are affected in COVID-19.
(1 Point)

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