research methods psc 270 : research proposal

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Research Proposal (15%) – There are two components to the Research Proposal portion of your
grade. The first portion is your presentation of your proposal mid-way through the semester.
Though this presentation is ungraded, it is an invaluable opportunity to solicit critical feedback
from your professor and colleagues before the written assignment is due and failure to present will
result in a 20 point deduction on your research proposal. The second portion is your written
proposal which will include a 1) Project Abstract, 2) Literature Review, 3) Expected Outcomes
and Results, 4) Research and Methods, and 5) a Budget. The assignment should not be more than
3 single-spaced pages long. If you put a lot of thought into the assignment not only will you earn
a good grade, but you will have the makings of a good Fulbright proposal as this proposal format
is virtually identical to theirs.

  1. Project Abstract (15%) – Brief paragraph or two that tells your readers about the project
    you are proposing. You should find a way to highlight your research question and explain
    why an answer to it would be interesting to the scholarly community or public.
  2. Literature Review (30%) – You are entering a theoretical debate. Frame this debate by
    explaining the various positions and citing appropriate literature as examples of each
    position. It is from this debate that you take your hypotheses (answers to your research
    question). Broader debates (eg. What causes war?) are always more interesting than
    narrow debates (eg. What caused the war in Congo?) so this literature review need not get
    bogged down in the particular case(s) you hope to study.
  3. Expected Outcomes and Results (15%)– Your literature review summarizes the debate
    you are entering in narrative format. Your expected outcomes section offers very concise
    hypotheses drawn from this literature review in the H1: IV1 > DV1 format.
  4. Research and Methods (30%) – In your introduction you give your reader your research
    question; in your literature review you explain potential answers to this question; and in
    your research and methods section you tell your reader how you plan on figuring out
    which, if any, of these answers explain the real world better. To do this you should tell
    your reader which cases you are selecting to study and why. You should also be very
    specific about how you plan to measure the independent and dependent variables drawn
    from your hypotheses.
  5. Budget (10%) – Fulbright proposals tend to be for somewhere around $30,000. Figure
    out what you would need to complete your project and itemize and estimate prices for
    each of these needs. If your total figure is much more than $30,000 you will need to
    decide what is essential and what can be cut to bring your project in under budget.

I attached the syllabus

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