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The United States of America offers a variety of patient support, from holistic to allopathic medicine. The purpose of medicine is to aid the patient in healing physically and mentally. The patient may undergo different medical practices and frequently stray from the norm. The norm tends to be known as allopathic care.

Complementary medicine and alternative medicines (CAM) are medical products and practices not part of standard medical care (NIH, 2023). There are many different reasons why people seek alternative CAM therapy techniques. It could be due to dissatisfaction with their current medical treatment or to find a treatment more compatible with their personal beliefs (Astin, 1998). Some medical treatments are very costly, and many people do not have insurance. The goal is to connect with the mind and undergo a more natural home remedy. While these treatments have benefits, there are a few safeties and effectiveness that should be discussed.

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition in which the body cannot control the amount of glucose produced. Often patients with diabetes seek a more alternative way to lower their glucose level. Herbal medications are the most commonly used alternative therapy for blood sugar control (Pandey, 2011). However, further research has yet to be conducted to find the safety and effectiveness, especially since these herbal alternatives come from plants that may depend on the harvest time, preparation method, and season (Medagama, 2014).

Many cancer patients are seeking CAM therapies to cope with cancer’s physical, psychological, and spiritual consequences (Garland, 2013). While there is no holistic cure for cancer, it does help with common symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, pain, and stress. For example, music therapy can improve quality of life, while massage therapy can decrease stress. However, patients should discuss holistic approaches with their physicians, as alternative therapies may interfere with allopathic treatment. For example, some therapies can delay the patient’s surgery/radiation or further the risk of cancer spreading if the patient takes a large dosage of a natural remedy that the FDA has not approved (Cancer, 2019).

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