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SUMMARY: This is a research-supported paper that involves exploring one religion as it is currently expressed in different countries around the world. Select one of the religions (Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or Sikhism) and then select at least two different countries (outside of the United States) in which you find followers of that religion. Compare and contrast the religion in those different nations, noting aspects of the religion that are specific to each. This could be beliefs, practices, festivals, etc..

Here are the parameters of this research assignment in the form of a checklist:

_____SUBJECT AND CONTENT: For this assignment, compose an essay in which you compare and contrast one of the subject religions in at least two different countries outside of the United States. The only acceptable religions: Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or Sikhism (please note that you are only selecting one of these religions as your focus). You can select any two countries outside of the United States to explore (please note that the United States cannot be one of your subject countries, and you can select more than two countries as necessary). Identify aspects of the religion that are specific to each of the subject countries. The

In your essay, you should examine the beliefs, practices, and festivals as they are expressed in the different environments. Identify any divisions or denominations as appropriate in your conversation.

_____RESEARCH: You are expected to do academic research for this assignment. This is not an opinion paper. It is a research paper. To that end, consult and cite multiple sources (at least 3) to illustrate depth of research. These academic or scholarly sources should be peer-reviewed journal articles or books (library resources), primary sources (sacred literature and official religious documents), or authorized publications of recognized religious organizations. The research sources consulted are to be provided in a Bibliography conforming to the MLA (Modern Language Association) format.

_____ACADEMIC WRITING: Your submission is expected to conform to academic writing standards (i.e., demonstrate the use of proper sentence and paragraph formats, proper grammar, and correct spelling and punctuation).

_____WORD COUNT: Your submission is required to be a minimum of 600 words, but no more than 1200 words (Bibliographies do not count as a part of the word count).

_____QUOTING: Quotes should be limited to primary source materials (such as a verse from sacred literature) and should constitute no more than 10% of the paper content. In other words, quotes should be used sparingly. You need to develop the ability to take the information that you would quote and express it in your own words, as this is how to demonstrate understanding. Any quotes will need to have internal documentation done to MLA standards:

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