Real Estate Networking Plan

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You are a  California  Real Estate agent who owns a real estate business. 

STEP 1: Identify the Real Estate industry and area you want to get into.

Research the Real Estate   industry and see who are the major players (companies, agencies, nonprofits, media outlets, etc.). What is the current state of this industry?

Note the history, client work, and vision statement for the particular industry you are looking for. Why do you want to work here? What campaigns and social media activities are professionals in this industry doing that is working for them?

  • Evaluate their social media accounts. Conduct a mini social media audit to see what they are doing well, and what they could improve on. Follow their social media accounts on all platforms.

Research the current jobs outlined. What are some qualifications employers are looking for?

STEP 2: Research professionals.

Research people you would like to connect with. Look to see if there are bios on the main website of the company, agency, or organization you are looking at. How did these professionals get to where they are today?

Evaluate how they present themselves on LinkedIn and Twitter. Are they consistent? What are they sharing?

Are there any connections, similarities, or experiences you share with these professionals?

Outline the findings you have collected.

STEP 3: Draft initial outreach message and contact.

Determine which platform would be best for reaching out to these professionals.

Evaluate your own digital presence. Are you consistent and showing your true and authentic personal brand? How would others perceive your digital footprint? Revise and update if necessary to present the best and true first impression online.

Draft an initial note (formatted for the platform) to connect with others.

Discuss why you are connecting with them.

  • Keep it short and to the point.

Don’t go for the hard sell—talk about why you want to learn more about their journey and experience. Ask how they got to where they are today.

Edit, check for grammar and spelling and edit again.

  • STEP 4: Reach out. (optional)
  • Take the initial step to reach out to the professional.
  • Determine what your objective is (connection, possible job shadow opportunity, meet for coffee, etc.).

Evaluate the experience. What did you learn from this activity? What would you do differently? What are some best practices you learned in the process?

Discuss next steps. What are some next steps you will be taking based on the experience you had here?

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