Randomized Clinical Trial Kantianism Question

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Please read the case ‘A Randomized Clinical Trial and a Physician’s Responsibility to a Patient’ on pp. 714-715.  Then submit a case resolution on this case.  For section 3 of this case resolution, please use the Kantian theory.  You may want to review the Case Resolution Procedure document again. It is located in General Information or click here Case Resolution Procedure. This document explains how to do these types of assignments and so it is imperative that you read it!

Also, please note that in section 2 of all case resolutions, you must state a simple and direct moral question (the main moral question at issue in the case).  This main moral question may or may not be stated in the list of questions that occur after the case.  Or, there may be related but slightly different moral questions raised by the case.  Choose one, and stick to that one in the rest of your case resolution.

Also a hint:  different theories will use different methods for deciding what is right to do.  Make sure you are thinking like a Kantian when you apply the theory in section 3!


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