Quincy College Climate Change Climate Change Paper

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Social science: Brenner, I. (2019). Climate change and the human factor: Why does not everyone realize what is happening? International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, 16(2), 137–143.

History: White, S. (2014). Animals, climate change, and history. Environmental History, 19(2), 319-328.

Humanities: Volpe, C. (2018). Art and climate change: Contemporary artists respond to global crisis. Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science, 53(2), 613–623.

Natural science: Snyder, J. T., Whitney, M. M., Dam, H. G., Jacobs, M. W. & Baumann, H. (2019). Citizen science observations reveal rapid, multi-decadal ecosystem changes in eastern Long Island Sound. Marine Environmental Research, 146, 80-88.


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