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Please complete a 300 word paragraph for each topic and provide a reference for each. This is not an essay. No plagiarism – this will be checked.

1) Latent Print Residue:
What is the composition of latent print residue and how does it affect the viability of latent prints? Consider such things as surfaces, weather, and time.

2) Epidermis and Dermal Skin Layers:
Discuss the epidermis and dermal layers of skin. What is the significance of each of these layers? For example, consider permanence and scarring.

3) Historical Incidents:
Discuss two or three historical incidents that had an impact on crisis negotiations and explain how that incident effects crisis negotiations today.

4) Negotiations to Solve Crisis Incidents:
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using negotiations to resolve crisis incidents. Discuss the alternatives to using negotiations. What are the advantages and disadvantages to these alternatives?

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