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I’m studying for my Social Science class and need an explanation.

please respond 

My family is very big and close to each other. I live with my mother, step dad, and my four siblings. Reading the lecture and text my family is diverse and different than some families we have a mixed family. My mom had three kids including me with my biological father. Then she got remarried to my step dad and had two more kids. We also grew up with religious beliefs going to an Christian church. We go to church mostly every Sunday morning, it’s something we do as a family. My mom is very protective and a little strict so we do have our rules. One is that she doesn’t want us to move away from home until we are ready with a stable job to take care of ourselves. She always tells my siblings and I to not rely on any men or women to take care of us. Another rule is she feels we should be home at midnight. It makes her feel more comfortable knowing everyone is inside and safe. Unless she knows we’re out and let her know we might be home late. She has loosen up on me and my older sister now that we’re both older. We all have chores, and have certain things that need to be done around the house.”Some families encourage their members to be more independent and make decisions on their own.” I would say my mom lets us be independent and make our own choices but she has an opinion and will let us know if she agrees and gives her advice. I would say my parents are very involved with my siblings and I. As for my biological dad, he is very laid back. He doesn’t really come around a lot. He’s a truck driver and he’s always on the road. My sibling and I have different relationships with him. He doesn’t give us rules. He’s more of the type parent that wants us to be more independent and make our own decisions. Live our life the way we want even if we make mistakes. “No single influence determines the outcomes of development, in similar developmental outcomes can be produced in a variety of ways“ (Martin and Fabes, 2009, p.23)


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