public relations case study 1

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Hey, This is another case study analysis, and it’s only 4-5 pages. Also, I attached my friend’s paper that I want to you to do the same steps that he did and how did he analysis this case. ( do not copy anything plz bc we have the same professor). I also attached three articles that should be used to apply the theory.

this is the crisis :

1. Case 1: New York Blood Center Abandoned Chimpanzees Used in Medical Research……

II. Read thoroughly the news article about the case (you can also read additional articles related to the case). Think about the key public relations issues (e.g., transparent communication, dialogic communication, relationship cultivation strategies, relationship management, reputation management, strategic program management, ethical communication – in relation to CSR, etc.) involved in the selected case.

III. Identify 1-2 concept(s) most relevant to the selected case. Then conduct an analysis as the communication/public relations director for the target organization in the selected case by (1) applying the identified concept(s) to the case and (2) proposing appropriate communication strategies/programs to deal with the particular situation.

** Make sure to integrate class readings into the analysis.

IV. The exam essay should follow the structure listed below.

** Make sure to follow APA guideline (e.g., title page, Times New Roman font type, 12 font size, double-spaced, 1” margins, heading, page numeration, heading, etc.)


In this section, state the case study purpose. Summarize briefly the case. Describe the concept(s) that will be used to analyze the case.

Theoretical Framework

In this section, explain, interpret, or paraphrase the concept(s) (1-2 concepts) that you have chosen to apply in the case study. Do not quote the exact sentences from the readings. I’d like to see how you interpret, paraphrase the concepts or theories in your own words. Cite the sources and ideas used in this section (check APA in-text citation). Interpret the concept(s) and cite the authors or studies related to the concepts.

Check APA sample papers and APA citation guideline that I posted on Canvas.

** Do not apply the concepts to the case yet in this section.


In this section, apply the concepts discussed above to the case. The questions listed below will guide you to think through the analysis:

 What are the core public relations issues involved in this case?

 How could the selected concept(s) previously discussed in the theoretical framework help illuminate the public relations problems/issues in the case?

 How could the selected concept(s) help explain the significance, impact or consequences (e.g., organizational reputation, perceived relationship quality, supportive behaviors from publics, organizational image, organizational impression, etc.) of the public relations issues in the case?

 What is the role/impact of communication/public relations in the particular case?

 As the communication/public relations director for the target organization, what communication/public relations strategies would you propose to deal with the public relations problems/issues in this case?

** It’s possible that the target organization already carried out some communication strategies. Then you can discuss how effective (successful) or ineffective (unsuccessful) of the implemented strategies and why.

 Why the proposed communication/public relations strategies (by you) would be effective in addressing the public relations issues/problems in this case?

References (on a separate page)

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