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1.One of the key things that needs to be considered in a merger or acquisition is how the two companies will manage the process of “combining” (or not) the two corporate cultures. Review the lecture slides for Chapter 14 posted to Canvas under Week1 about the importance of a bi-cultural audit and strategies for managing organizational culture during a merger/acquisition. Also review the 3 articles posted under Week 1–“WhyTony Hsieh Sold Zappos” , “Inside Amazon” , and “Zappos CEO Distances”.

a) Given the Competing Values Framework in your text and the readings posted, how would you describe the corporate culture of Zappos as compared to the corporate culture of Amazon? Why do you say this (provide examples/evidence to back up your answer)?

b) In 2009, Amazon acquired Zappos, how was the “marriage” of the two corporate cultures handled? How well does this arrangement appear to be working? Do you have any concerns about Zappos’ ability to maintain its culture going forward?

c) Given Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods, how do you think that this will impact the corporate culture of Whole Foods? Do some research and provide some evidence to support your answer.

2.Given the Time Magazine article (“How High is Your XQ?”) on personality testing posted to Canvas under Week 2:

a) What appear to be the trends in how companies are utilizing data analytics and personality testing for employment?

b) The article cites advantages and disadvantages of using these. What are these and what your thoughts about this?

3.This question has two parts.

a) With regard to the article “On the Folly of A While Hoping for B” posted to Canvas under Week 3 , what can be learned about problems with reward systems and how they are designed? Which example did you like the best and why? How can organizations learn/benefit from this?

b) Please paste the following link into your browser and watch the Ted Talk by Dan

Pink on motivation and rewards.

What does Dan argue that companies should focus on when attempting to motivate

employees and why? Do you agree with his views? Why/why not? How is this similar or different from job enrichment?

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