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Sample Research Questions:

You can bringing specific cases (countries) in the following questions.

Compare Korean bureaucracy with that of Japan in terms of embedded autonomy

Psychological orientations of backwardness and lateness

Economic achievement and nationalism

The role of tradition in economic development

Compare Korean bureaucracy with that of Japan

What does the concept of middle-mass society by Murakami say about class as a social unit for analysis?

What differences does the different degree of the sense of backwardness make in terms of economic strategies and the role of the state? (Korea vs. Japan; Korea vs. China, etc)

Analyze the role of tradition in industrialization by taking an example (Japan, Korea, China, etc.)?

What is the content of ironies of lateness? (bringing back traditions out of sense of urgency)

How does bureaucracy affect social change? (e.g., German case)

How did the state mold Japanese society? ( refer to Sheldon Garon)

What is the relationship between late industrialization and nationalism?

Different international environments and late industrialization

you can choose one topic from the sample question or you can come up your own.

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