Project – Reflection on Astronomy

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Over the past five weeks, you have use the Stellarium planetarium
software to plan an observation, examine a number of celestial objects,
and test astronomical hypotheses for yourself. In a 1-2 page length
paper in APA format, please reflect on the past work you have done and
answer the following questions:

  • How did the previous
    laboratory exercises help you to understand the scientific method and
    how astronomy uses observations to test hypotheses and theories?
  • Which of the five activities did you find to be the most interesting or educational?
  • Did
    you find the Stellarium program easy or difficult to use? What would
    you recommend to the programmer of Stellarium to make any changes or add
    any additional features?
  • If you had to use Stellarium to devise
    your own new laboratory exercise, what aspect of the program would you
    use? What astronomical objects would you focus on? APA format. and references. here are the 5 activities: 1- the night sky. 2-the solar system. 3- the live and death of the stars. 4- the milky way and beyond. 5- cosmology. I will like to say the milky way. or the live and death of the stars.

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