Program Design

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Condition of concern: Children’s Mental Health

Find a program in Texas to evaluate and use this program for both parts of the assignment.

Part 1: Community Assessment


In a paper discuss the following (direct content; rubric above lists specific criteria to discuss):

The program you are evaluating (state the name) and who or how was the program created? Give a very brief summary and history of the program (provide a link to the website if applicable and cite).

What is the overall problem? What are the services the program provides?

What is the need for the program? Why does the program exist? Who does the program serve (targeted population)?

Who are the stakeholders?

Is the program effective? How (supporting data)?

What is the outcome?

Remember APA and cite any sources used. 


Defines a condition of concern in terms of outcomes (vs. problems or services)

States who defines condition as a problem, why, resulting problems, etc… 

Discuss stakeholders and their drive and/or ability for change

Gives the demographics of the client/target (what does the community with the problem look like?)

Gives the history and causes of the condition and any trends

Gives evidence that the target experiences the condition/problems (baseline data, trend data, other relevant data)

Presents best practices and model programs (if they exist) to address the condition and describes the evidence that these programs are successful

Presents existing services (agencies, location, program/services, number served, trend data as needed, etc…)

Discuss the effectiveness of the current delivery system in order to identify strengths and needs

Compares current services to model programs, continuum of care, best practices, etc… in order to identify strengths and needs

Capacities summarized from assessment and build on strengths of individuals,  associations, applicant, agency, community, clients

Needs summarized from assessment and are based in outcome rather than services (outputs)

Presents the barriers identified by the assessment (language, culture, transportation, etc…)

Well referenced (sources of all facts provided, references to texts, readings, APA format used, etc…) Overall quality (solution not mentioned at this time, assessment time only!)

Part 2 – Program Design – Program Section


In a 1-2 page paper discuss the following (direct content; rubric above lists specific criteria to discuss):

The program vision, mission, and goals.  Are these clearly stated and easily found/identified? Does it align with the services and target population?

Is the program description and objectives clear and easy to read? How are the stakeholders involved?

Do the goals align with program outcomes?

What is the organizational make-up? Board/Committees/Staff? Org chart present?

What are the strengths and weakness (areas for improvement)?

Remember APA and cite any sources used.  


Vision (people and system) and mission clear, outcome focused, and provide guidance to program design

Vision presents the state of people and the system when the program has been successfully implemented

Mission gives a concise statement of overall purpose of the program/agency

Program description is thorough and easy to understand (services, location, hours, # served, etc…)

Shows how stakeholders are involved and have input into project/program decisions

Logic Model presents rationales from condition to impact and how components are tied together

Discuss the roles and composition of relevant boards and committees, staff

Includes organization chart showing programs as necessary, committees, 

The goals identify major endeavors or components of the overall program in terms of outcomes

Objectives begin with a verb and provides a good overall description of the proposed program

All objectives are action oriented, specific, realistic, measurable, time-limited and lead to a goal of achievement 

SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound)

Outcome objectives build on capacities and achieving the outcome objective will reduce the need

Process objectives specify what must happen in various components of the program to achieve the outcomes in the outcome objectives

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