policy change proposal impacting health care focus on nurse practitioner barriers to practice

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Nurse Practitioners barriers to practice is a federal type of legislation. What evidence do researchers provide to advocate for/support the policy change that you will propose

Use 2 literature review (peer- reviewed journal articles) published after January 2015.

Use also 2 other credible public media sources

State clearly & specifically what change you propose, may this legislation have several components of change.

Who are the stakeholders that benefits from the changes?. Who supports this change/ legislation?

What groups oppose the proposed legislation.

Expected Outcomes: What effect will the proposed legislation have on nursing practice and what effect will have on the healthcare system?

What are the goals of the proposed legislation?. How will be measured to evaluate success?

Your views about, and experience with the issue. How would the proposed change affect my practice as NP, healthcare in the community and patients’ health in my area .


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