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Economics 3340.2A/B Human Resource Economics

DUE: 6 February 2018 Assignment Name (s): _____________________

Section:___________ _____________________

You may work with one other person. If you do, include both names and submit only ONE sheet. Use the Statistics Canada website ( to answer Questions 1-11.

Questions 1 – 8 are based on the 5th January 2018 release of the December 2017 Labour Force Survey (access from the home page, The Daily/Indicators/Labor Force Survey). Use the tables at the end of the text, the tables at Labour Force Information (Catalogue number 71-001-X), the interactive Labour Market Indicators (71-607-X) and the CANSIM tables on the release page.


a. By how much did Canadian employment change from Dec. 2016 to Dec. 2017? __________(in thousands); Nova Scotia___________ (in thousands )

b. What % of this was change was part-time employment (Canada)? ________________%

c. What was the 12 month change in self-employment (Canada)? ________________%

2. For which age-gender group did UR remain the same in Canada from November to December 2017, even though the overall UR decreased? ___________

3. In what provinces did the unemployment rate increase from November to December 2017?

4. Compare the participation rates of men and women aged 25+ in December 2017 (Canada)

Men: ___________ Women: ___________

5. Compare the part-time employment rates of men and women aged 25+ in December 2017 (Canada):

Men: ___________ Women: ___________


a.Which industry subgroup gained the most employment over 12 months in absolute terms?

b. What industry gained the most employment over 12 months in percentage terms?

Canada___________ NS___________

7. What were average hourly wages for the following groups in December 2017 (Canada)?

a. Men_________________ Women_________________

b. Union coverage_________________ No Union coverage_________________

c. Permanent_________________ Temporary_________________

8. From the CANSIM tables on the Labour Force Survey release page find the table that gives information on labour force survey estimates by immigration status, sex and age. Use ‘add/remove data’ to create a table that compares the participation and unemployment rates of males vs. females, age 25+, in December 2017, showing results for immigrants landed up to 5 years earlier, immigrants landed more than ten years earlier, and those born in Canada (include ONLY this information in your table). Attach the table. Write two or three sentences summarizing in words what the table tells you.

There are many good research articles on the Statistics Canada website. You can browse by subject or key resource. Key analysis sources for Labour are the Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series, Economic Insights and Insights on Canadian Society. Perspectives on Labour and Income is also good (discontinued, but use search feature).

9. Select one study from the Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series on postsecondary graduates and properly reference it (as you would in the bibliography of a paper, using APA style).

10. Select one study from Insights on Canadian Society on women in the labour market and properly reference it (as you would in the bibliography of a paper, using APA style).

On the Statistics Canada website access CANSIM under key resources:

11. Find table 282-0221 under Labour/ Unionization and Labor Relations. Use “add/remove data” to create a table comparing unionization rates in 2016 by education level for males and for females 25 years and over and attach it to your assignment. Show only this information.

Employment and Social Development Canada also has information relevant to this course (… ). In the ESDC homepage, scroll down to the “Services and Information” section of the page for topics such as equality, workplace standards, El, Hire a Temporary Foreign worker, etc.

12. Employment Insurance (El) is administered by ESDC. Use the search function to find information on “El Economic Regions”. How many hours of work are currently needed to qualify for El in the Halifax region? _________ In Eastern Nova Scotia?_________ In Northern Alberta? _________

13. Under Workplace Standards, what workplaces does the Federal Employment Equity Act apply to?

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