PLA 2620 Rasmussen College Section 01 Property and Estate Planning Form

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Module 04 Content

Purpose- To demonstrate the ability to accurately correct estate financial documents.

Course Competency: Correct financial errors in property and estate planning cases.



The firm is currently in the middle of probating the estate of Frank Nussbaum. You have taken over the case from a paralegal who has recently left the firm, and need to review her work to ensure the documents are accurate. When you review the inventory you notice some discrepancies. Below is a PDF of her work:

Previous Paralegal Inventory

You have been tasked with correcting the inventory using the form located below, to ensure the inventory is accurate.

Inventory Form

You can attach several copies of the form if needed to include all categories of property. You should use the following facts in drafting the inventory:

123 Main Street, Anywhere TN 78282 valued at 100,000 with $50,000 left on a mortgage

Rings valued at $1000

Household furnishings valued at $500 through a goodwill estimate

Bank account at Main Bank #28299992 with balance of $11,548

Life insurance policy payable directly to son Ethan in the amount of $10,000

Stock in Apple in the amount of $150,000

Stock in BP Oil in the amount of $7,845

Mutual Funds through First Chance Brokerage, # 387772 valued at $45,124

2015 Chevy Tahoe, worth $3,400 according to Kelly Blue Book

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