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Stay away from topics that deal with death or disease. These depress the audience. Try to find something that is upbeat and interesting. Your topic should be controversial and have at least two different viewpoints, but you should steer clear of topics that will upset the audience, such as abortion, religious topics or political topics that bash a particular candidate or official.


A strong attention getter is also imperative when giving any type of presentation. If the audience isn’t dragged into your speech right off the bat, they will not listen to what you have to say. Simply stating what you are going to talk about is NOT an attention getter.

Citing sources orally is also a great way to increase credibility. It shows that you’ve thoroughly researched your topic. When you state a fact, statistic or claim, it’s imperative to tell the audience where the information came from. You can’t just say, “Studies show….” we need to know WHAT the study was and who did it. We’re bombarded with facts every day and, as you well know, we want to know the validity of information before we accept it. Make sure you orally cite your 3 REQUIRED sources.

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper