personal development analysis and action plan 1

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After reviewing and analyzing your progress made on your first Personal Development Plan, reflections, and feedback, write a 2-3 page double-spaced reflection and ongoing action plan. Please upload it to Canvas. Please cover the following items thoroughly, demonstrating good critical thinking, insight, and effort (Please include the headings for each question.)

1.SUMMARY: Based on the review of your progress and ongoing class activities and exercises please summarize:

a.What you have learned in the course about intercultural competence and global leadership. 

b.What you still would like to learn. 

2.PERSONAL STRENGTHS: What are your personal strengths in the skill areas we have studied? Use the feedback from your assessments and simulations to support your analysis. 
Reflect on your first personal development plan and compare where you feel you are today. If you feel you have not made progress, discuss why.

3.PERSONAL WEAKNESSES: What areas still need improving? Discuss your progress to date and what did or did not make a difference.

4.ACTION PLAN: Write a thorough action plan to continue improving for the future. What specifically will you do to continue developing? Why are you choosing this goal? Action plans should be specific and measurable and include a deadline. Here’s a good example: 
“I am going to take a more active role in team meetings because this is important in my work role. I will volunteer to be the team facilitator in at least one meeting during this semester. In all other meetings, I am going to make at least two process interventions to help the team function more effectively. To prepare myself, I am going to carefully observe other students who are excellent leaders, and I will read two articles on team leadership. I will also design an evaluation form on my team participation and ask my team to use it to evaluate me after the meeting I facilitate. Based on their feedback, I will continue working on possible weak areas during the rest of this course.”

5. PRACTICAL TAKE-AWAYS: When you find yourself in intercultural settings in the future, how are you planning to behave differently as a result of this course? In other words, what are your biggest practical take-aways about intercultural competence and global leadership?

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