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When I here Walmart. I think of poor judgment, lack of help from staff, the 4Ps i would use when i think of walmart or here someone say it, would be there product, prices, promotion, place. The reason i have chosen the 4ps, is because walmart is a place to go and shop and get whatever you need sometimes, but its hard when your trying to find something in the store and its not there so you go for help and ask for the specific item and they either dont know were it is or they just dont care and point you the wrong direction, thatd showing us as customers that they just want to work for the check and dont care what problems us customers have or any sympathy, for us coming in there place of business to shop with our hard earn money, don’t get me wrong they have some good quality product there prices are at a decent price, but the place looks so busy at times and they only have one or maybe two lines open at night, thats how you loose customers because they dont want to open up anymore lines,

There was this one time were I had asked the manager can they open up another line because two lines is not helping us out or your business for that matter and its making you loose customers. and the managers said to me we not gone open up anymore line so deal with it or you can leave and thats not good judgment at all that makes me not want to ever come back because of the situation they have and the way the managers treat there buying customers, so i told her that she was very rude and that by them not having extra lines open thats how you loose customers and money. just because of the way you run your store and the way they treat there customers, so this is what comes to my mind everytime someone say the word Walmart.

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