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New Principal Carl Bishop was fed up. He was concerned about the negative environment at Blainey Elementary School. The Superintendent appointed him because there were problems in the building. Teachers in the building seemed to always to be in the teachers’ lounge complaining about him, about the district, about the students, and about anything and everything. Rumors were rampant: that he was planning to retire, that he was to be reassigned, that there would be a new assistant principal, and that the district would begin an all-day kindergarten program. Every week, it seemed a new set of speculations surfaced.

Mr. Bishop felt that he needed to do something to break the negative spiral and get the building back on a positive track. He sought advice from a district mentor who was familiar with the situation. The mentor advised Bishop to inform teachers that their lounge was to be reassigned as an instructional resource room. Teachers would thereafter take lunch in the cafeteria or in their rooms.

Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you discuss the following:

  • Do you agree with the advice from the principal’s mentor? Why or why not?
  • What is the key issue? What advice would you give to this principal?
  • Analyze the situation from the following perspectives:
    • Principal
    • Veteran teachers in the building
    • Teachers’ association

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