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To prepare for this assessment, research each of the following designs:

  • Functional organization.
  • Matrix organization.
  • Networked organization.
  • Virtual organization.

 You should strive to select at least two for each design in order to get more than one perspective.

For this assessment, complete the following:

  • Define each of the four designs listed above and then identify a real-world organization example of each.
  • Compare the four types of organizational design in terms of:
    • Structure.
    • Strategies.
    • Challenges they face in today’s environment.
  • Choose one of the organizational designs from the four and describe how you would use that design to create an organizational structure that would lead to high performance.

Format this assessment as a research paper following APA 6th edition guidelines for both style and citing sources, making sure you also use correct grammar and mechanics. There is no required minimum or maximum page length; however, you should strive to be as detailed as possible in addressing each part while also being as clear and concise as possible.

Please note: The term environment is used throughout this course to mean all of the external factors that affect an organization. These include, but are not limited to, the overall global market, the industry as a whole, and the financial market.

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