Organizational Behavior

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View the videos and share how the various aspects in the video apply to you current or previous work experience. What terms or ideas that you saw were most important to you? Explain why you think they are important to organizations? You must reference these terms with intext citations in proper APA format. If you mention a term or concept that is not your own, then you must put a reference at the end of the sentence from either the video or the textbook in APA format. This discussion assignment should be much more then book report of you re-stating what happened in the video. The goal is for you to analyze what took place in the context of the terms in the book. Your post must be at least 300 words long. YOU MUST ALSO POST TO THE POSTS OF 3 DIFFERENT CLASSMATES TO GET FULL CREDIT. A response such as “I agree with her,” or “I liked what he said about that” is not considered a substantive post and will not be counted for course credit. To enable consistent flow of online discussion and to allow discussion to unfold over the course of the week, the response posts should be made on TWO different days of the week. (A student cannot post an initial discussion post and a response post(s) to peers in the same day to get credit. In addition, the response posts must be completed on at least two separate days). Students are expected to answer questions posed to them by other students and are expected to read everyone’s posts. The instructor can easily tell whether or not a student is reading the posts of others by questions going unanswered, when posed either by peers or by the instructor. If the course instructor and peers pose questions to students that go unanswered on the discussion board, the assumption will be made that the student did not read the post and points may be deducted from the discussion score for not answering questions.

Introduction to Organizational Behavior Chapter 1

Organizational Behavior: Structures & Cultures

Organizational Behavior Explained

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